If you would like to reduce unnecessary expenditures and quality failures in your business, then having a paperless business is absolutely right for you. Going paperless will cut your costs by getting rid of your friction points, or unnecessary costs. Friction points slow business down. Any time we add 5 minutes to a task we are extending out the time it will take to get paid by the client. Too many wasted 5 minute events and pretty soon, you’ll have a cash flow problem. So you can see why you would want to get rid of the delays possible.

Every minute that is spent doing something that is anything but productive, it is a friction point. Looking for a lost document is a great example. The time spent on that task is waste. Talking to someone about what they did last week on a certain order or payable is another example, of a delay that would go away with the Paperless Overnight Service.

All of these seemingly minor deviations over the day seem normal, but the reality is that these friction points add up fast and are nothing but wasted resources! Wasted because the paper associated with a task can be moved quickly between staff on a digital platform and all notes about the work completed or questions can be noted on that paper/work. All of these friction points can be cut out entirely making your business more efficient and truly paperless, not to mention improving quality, customer satisfaction, reduced workflow cost and faster cash flow for your business!

Just think about your business for a moment. How often do you go searching for a piece of paper or a receipt that no one else can seem to find? All of that time can be better spent doing anything other than searching for a piece of paper. As it stands, paper-related friction points are the number-one cause for business slowdown. The number-two cause is that employees simply don’t always know what they are supposed to do, so they sit there at their desks with a deer-in-headlights look instead of asking questions. Because this document management system takes into account the common friction point issues, the 24/7 service works to remove friction points. That means that there are key features designed to increase the overall efficiency of the business.

The business systems that are built upon a solid Business Process Management using the Paperless Overnight Service include lead generating systems, sales systems, production systems, and administrative systems.

Lead generating systems are clearly the most important, for without them, your business would lose its source of income! Sales systems allow leads to be made usable, followed by production systems and administrative systems to round out the business model. Our process starts with someone reading and naming the documents, moving the documents to the person responsible for that type of work and then up the ladder to a supervisor or manager if needed until we get the task on the desk of a team member that knows what to do.

The idea is to build systems so that you, as an owner, can stop doing certain tasks, so that you can better run your business. Consider the fact that CEOs are not responsible for the menial work. Instead, they are responsible for creating strategy in the market. A key feature of Paperless Overnight, known as BPM or Business Process Management, allows you to keep track of any number of tasks as you delegate them to your employees. Thus, what you have is an organized system instead of disorganized chaos.

To have a successful system in place, there are three things that need to be considered.

FIRST: To have a paperless office, because without a paperless office, your productivity may be reduced drastically. Big businesses know this and realize that with the many tasks and transactions that occur from day to day, they need to go paperless in order to stay on the path to success. Fortunately, in a paperless business you can really go paperless overnight.

SECOND: It is absolutely imperative to your business is to have a delegation system and a way to track workflow so that transactions per hour can be counted on an individual employee basis. Knowing what your employees are doing, and being able to keep track of their assigned tasks and responsibilities, will help you as a business owner to become more efficient with their time, as well as your own.

THIRD: And this one often gets overlooked is to have a standard process in place to explain what employees are expected to know and do. A lot of times, employees are not always aware of how to do a certain task, so having a standard set of instructions helps eliminate confusion and cluelessness on their part. It’s all part of what Delegation Magic does: increases efficiency and productivity, so that you can go about the business of doing business.

A good Paperless Business service will bring solutions to your business that will reduce wasted time, lost opportunities, poor production and low quality deliverables.

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